Senin, 24 Agustus 2015

For you who is currently with me

For you are with me, this time I'm writing this, just to express their thankfulness that I was unable to speak through words. It's a shame ... After all this time I myself, now I'm getting bold new relationship after our brief introduction.

Somehow the feeling of what it suddenly occurred to this, at first I absolutely pointless & meragukanmu wants to start a relationship with anyone including you. Since the wounds I guess after the departure of "he" is someone who is ever present in my life then left me without explanation. I am so afraid to start again, because I do not want all kan repeated again.

However, after going through my days with you, things are getting today is getting better. you're able to make me laugh it off when with you, you're able to make me smile without cause. Hahahaha ... sometimes I feel Love is driving me crazy.

With you, I find the happiness that had missing be carried away by my past. I feel tremendous happiness, hopefully all of this will continue until the moment that we later arrived. I do not care how we met, the most important is how we keep our meeting so that there is no word separated.

Are you someone who loves me with its simplicity, you never demand anything from me. Even when other people see I'm just a woman who is mediocre, you're always saying that I was the outstanding figure you're always assured me & about it.

You never questioned the fisikku of the word perfect, & sikapku sometimes it is difficult to understand. As perfect as there I dimatamu dear? From you I learn to love myself, that I forget just because I was too busy loving others & neglect myself. Thank you because you have opened the eyes of my heart dear.

Thank you dear, Because your love made me understand that I was so mean.

Thank you for your love, which makes me forget what it cuts.

Away from me, wanitamu are always trying so it's best for you. I Love You ..

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